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Hi, I'm Q

I’m one of a very small percentage of people who gets to do what they love every day: I’ve been a full-time master trainer for 10 years.

I love helping my clients achieve their fitness goals—whether they be weight loss, injury recovery, weight control, pregnancy fitness or strength improvement. My goal for every client is to help them enjoy being active so they naturally meet their goals.

I stand out in my profession because of my unique ability to help my clients find enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation in their workouts.

My clients will tell you that I am a very unique trainer in the Bay Area. First, I’m not someone who is genetically predisposed to the most insanely perfectly fit body, or someone who motivates clients by yelling at them—and I’m definitely not the stereotypical trainer who seems to thrive on the pain of others. I take a very different approach. 

Looking to achieve a fitness goal?

With 7 years of experience, Q can help you. Her specialties include:

  • Senior Fitness

  • Functional Training

  • Sports performance

  • Pre-natal fitness

  • Olympic weight lifting

  • Crossfit

  • Whatever you want to get good at!