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I’m one of a very small percentage of people who gets to do what they love every day: I’ve been a full-time master trainer for 7 years.

I love helping my clients achieve their fitness goals—whether they be weight loss, injury recovery, weight control, pregnancy fitness or strength improvement. My goal for every client is to help them enjoy being active so they naturally meet their goals.

I stand out in my profession because of my unique ability to help my clients find enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation in their workouts.

My clients will tell you that I am a very unique trainer in the Bay Area. First, I’m not someone who is genetically predisposed to the most insanely perfectly fit body, or someone who motivates clients by yelling at them—and I’m definitely not the stereotypical trainer who seems to thrive on the pain of others. I take a very different approach.

I leverage my personality to help get to know people and find out what excites them. Clients can usually sense that I’m someone they can connect with easily from the moment they meet me, and I’ve been told that people feel I understand them on a deeper level. I think that’s because I do—and because I’ve been in their shoes before.

Like I said, I’m not the average personal trainer. Fitness wasn’t bred into me by my family. Everyone around me growing up enjoyed a sedentary lifestyle while I couldn’t get enough of the sports around me. But even as I was physically active throughout school, fitness wasn’t a straight shot for me. It’s been a journey. I’ve fallen in and out of love with dozens of sports and activities—the thing that keeps me going is the chase for interesting, self-motivating work. When I lost interest in hockey, I found yoga, and when I lost interest in yoga, I found CrossFit. In my experience, I’ve never found one all-consuming sport or hobby that’s held my interest and kept me intrinsically motivated forever. So I don’t believe there’s a perfect workout for everyone. I don’t prescribe activities to my clients, because i know (like me) they like diversity and will only reach their goals if they’re interested and having fun.

I pride myself on evolving with my clients and always being there for them.
— Queruvin, QFit Club

Today, lots of my clients have been with me over a series of years and I’ve seen them move from sports like basketball and yoga or rowing. One of the best things about being a personal trainer, is that when they move, I move. For example, when my first long-time client told me she was pregnant, I immediately called my mentor and found classes I could take to learn how to safely help her exercise. I pride myself on evolving with my clients and always being there for them. In turn, they trust me, and we can build really strong relationships.

I know that committing to fitness isn’t easy, but taking the first steps to find the right trainer can be. Most of my clientele comes through direct referrals, but if you’re finding me online and you want to chat over the phone or meet me in person, reach out. I’d love to meet you at a gym, hear about what you’re looking for, and go from there.

To help you learn a bit more about me (so I’m not a huge mystery) I’ve included a list of questions I usually get asked. If you’re curious about something that’s not here and you want to know, email me! I’ll get back to you within a day. :)